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Rıza Tuğcu




Our firm ,which has been operating in the international trade sector since 1992 ,has been engaged in international commerce, international commucination ,trade contracts between parties and also,has got the export and experience We newly started to supply any kind of component of computer and set up connections with firms located in East Asia wil be which operating in cooperation with us by the end of 2003.

We are also engaged in web design and operating in the software programmes sector.

Lack of finance is often only one barrier to investment. We can help with administrative and project management capacity which facilitates investment implementation.

Project loans, Intermediated loans, Structured finance, Guarantees, Project bonds, Equity & fund investment, Venture capital, Microfinance, Risk-sharing, Sustainable energy, Green-tech demonstration, Infrastructure project advice, Urban development, Transport infrastructure, Public-private partnership, Flexible SME funding.Projects Priorities

We work to promote sustainable growth and job creation by supporting the following action areas:

Small and medium sized enterprises: the creators of 80% of new jobs
Regional development: to address economic and social imbalances between regions
Environmental sustainability: including both climate action and investment in the urban and natural environment
Innovation: promoting skills and innovation at every level
Trans-European Networks: linking Europe’s infrastructure, principally in transport
Energy: building competitive and secure supply

Investment Product Services, consisting of DTCC’s Wealth Management Services businesses, provide centralized, automated processing and information services for the mutual funds, alternative investment industries. Seamless, end-to-end communications are enabled between funds, asset managers and their distribution partners to deliver reduction in risk and cost along with operational efficiencies.